The 5 Best Bars for Day Drinking in Denver



If you are going to hop the wagon during the day, have it be at ViewHouse. The legendary patios, massive beer list, and large array of classic cocktails make boozing at the ViewHouse something you should try and try not to forget. It also boasts a huge lunch menu of salads, sandwiches, and every girls dream: half-salad, half-sandwich combos! And if you haven’t noticed from your perch on the rooftop patio, bungalows and yard games adorn the side lawn for the backyard-feel you need in Downtown Denver. The doors open at 11am and don’t close ’til well into the evening.

Denver Beer Company

A day combining the Colorado sun and the Colorado brews by Denver Beer Co. is day well-spent. The garage doors open at high noon, making the DBC one of the earliest opened breweries in Denver and making you a “hoppy” (heyo!) day drinker. After downing a couple powerhouse beers like Sun Drenched Ale and Graham Cracker Porter, order up a warm pretzel and/or snag some more sustenance from one of the rotating food trucks parked outside.

Bannock Street Garage

Golden Triangle
BSG may not be the “extended stay” kind of place, but make sure you at least consider it for a pit stop. The doors open up at 3pm and if you have enough money to buy a foot’s worth of a certain chain restaurant sandwich you can afford to get a good buzz on. Order yourself “The Billy Jack,” a beer, shot, and cig combo for just $5. With all the bar games available, you may find yourself here awhile, so feel free to order as many as you like because the deal goes all day long.

The Horseshoe Lounge

Curtis Park 
A true diamond in the rough sort of place that so few people drink at during the day. Usually packed on any given night, The Horseshoe Lounge shows its beauty during the day with the bright sun shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows on ruby-red leather booths, ’70s era carpet designs, juke boxes, pinball machines, and beers your granddaddy drank. Patrons can pop tops to classics like Natty Lite, Busch Lite, Milwaukee’s Best, Old Milwaukee, Lone Star, Hamm’s, and many more that’ll likely bring back memories of being cash-strapped.

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