The P&P Weekly Playlist on Spotify Highlights the Best New Music

We hope that you read every post on Pigeons & Planes, listen to every new artist we post about, and spend time with each album that we cover. But we know you don’t. Like the rest of us, you’re probably just trying to keep up with the insane pace of music in 2018, and that’s alright. To make things easier and adapt to the way people consume music in 2018, we’ve been regularly updating a playlist called P&P Weekly on Spotify. Each week,

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Best Business Hotel for Your Next Trip

Corporates travelling for their business purposes or to attend meetings of the company in different cities would want to stay in a good hotel, which not only provides comfort but also helps them for preparing for their work during their stay. From a good business hotel, they expect professional staff that understands their needs and offer timely services. For example, if you are traveling to Bangalore from Hyderabad or Mumbai for business purposes, you would certainly want to know more

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Dallas Observer Mixtape with DJ Love: Breakbeat Mix

Frank McCright has just shy of three decades in the DJ game as DJ Love. He has seen every facet of the DJ biz, from the production side in the studio to a front row seat for the infamous ’90s rave scene. Love has benefitted from a depth of experience rarely seen in DJs nowadays. For this week’s Mixtape he delivers an all-vinyl mix of breaks. For the uninitiated in this particular niche genre of dance music, this week’s mixtape is

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